POLL: Is Garrett’s NRCC gay candidate boycott religious expression?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Well, it looks like Scott Garrett’s refusal to help the NRCC because it support gay candidates is a real thing, Save Jerseyans, in part because he hasn’t contradicted it in a full week’s time and ally Bob Yudin (the Bergen County GOP chairman) is now confirming it.

scott garrett“While I don’t agree with not supporting a person who is gay but is running for office … he’s entitled in my opinion to practice his religious beliefs and give money to people he agrees with,” Yudin told the Bergen Record on Tuesday.

Entitled to his opinion? You bet. This blog doesn’t represent “thought crime” like most forums discussing modern American culture. But while opposition to pro-gay marriage candidates might represent a form of religious expression, does refusal to support your party’s gay candidates fall into the same category of First Amendment-rooted conscientious objection? Or is it something else altogether as plenty of Rep. Garrett’s North Jersey party-mates clearly believe?

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