Yudin, Traier accuse Dems of “run out the clock” legal tactics in LD38

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Court battle unfolding in the wake of Anthony Cappola‘s LD38 implosion has hit a snag, Save Jerseyans, and LD38’s Republican county chairmen say Democrat politicking is to blame.

In case you’ve missed the latest, Republicans asked the Passaic County Superior Court to halt “vote by mail” ballot mailing until an emergency hearing on Cappola’s general election replacement. The Court assented, staying both Bergen and Passaic County from mailing ballots and setting a hearing date for Wednesday, October 14th. The Passaic County Superior Court further agreed with Republicans that an earlier date of October 9th was amenable IF all parties consented.

Democrats predictably haven’t.

yudin traier
Yudin (left) and Traier (right)

“If the political bosses in Passaic County truly cared about democracy and the will of the voters, they would make themselves available this Friday,” said John Traier, the Passaic County chair and himself a 2015 candidate in another district, in a joint statement issued with his Bergen counterpart. “When the Democrats faced this exact same issue in 2008, they worked tirelessly to push the court forward.  It’s obvious today they are dragging their feet only because it helps their cause.” 

“This is the very worst kind of political gamesmanship and the Democrat bosses in Passaic County should be ashamed,” added Bob Yudin, the Bergenite. “This is a party whose leaders regularly claim to stand for voter choice, and today they are blocking that choice.  It’s simply hypocrisy.”

If successful on Wednesday (or earlier, but not likely), the GOP is expected to sub-in college professor and Hispanic Republican activist Fernando Alonso.


3 thoughts on “Yudin, Traier accuse Dems of “run out the clock” legal tactics in LD38

  1. Hello Matt, this is David Jones here, a candidate in LD14, which you have many times opined that this district is a lost cause. The truth is, LD 14 is either the 3rd or 4th most competitive district in this election cycle. Your previous comments speak for themselves, let your readers decide. You are no different than the leaders in our
    NJ GOP leadership, a defeatist attitude when, instead, we should be looking to find new and fresh leaders. Understand, this comment is not about you or me….let your readers decide. Peace to you and all.

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