Christie dives into undercard debate

Christie dives into undercard debate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

There’s at least some evidence that Chris Christie is moving up in New Hampshire aided, in part, by a geographically-targeted drug reform campaign after a particularly rough run. But that poll was conducted before he got booted from the main stage at Tuesday night’s Fox Business presidential debate.

Can he make enough noise at tonight’s undercard debate to re-win a space at the adult table?

You can watch live here…

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2 thoughts on “Christie dives into undercard debate


    Governor Christie and the GOP needs not to fear to expose the truth and difference between Louisiana states governor Jindal on ability in cutting taxes and New Jersey , Nj. is not a right to work state its harder to reform the pension and healthcare expenses, state expenses and create JOBS Here in the highest property taxed state , its because of the public unions member dues profiting in Nj

    And politics and around the country with Hillary endored by NEA who paid 4 x more then Koch brothers

    Nj needs to become a right to work state support hr 612 all states right to work

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