Spadea takes reins of NJ 101.5’s morning program from retiring Gearhart

Spadea (second from left) and Rooney (far right) outside the N.J. State House building in January 2014.

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Spadea (second from left) and Rooney (far right) outside the N.J. State House building in January 2014.
Spadea (second from left) and Rooney (far right) outside the N.J. State House building in January 2014.

New Jersey 101.5 (WKXW-Trenton)’s Jim Gearhart is retiring, Save Jerseyans, after 25 years of service on the radio waves to Garden State taxpayers.

Citing “the extent of Gearhart’s injury,” the station also announced that the beloved host’s popular stand-in, Bill Spadea, who has hosted “Bill Spadea’s New Jersey” on NJ 101.5 since 2014, will assume full-time morning drive-time hosting duties effective December 1st.

Spadea is also the ringleader of Fox29/My9’s “Chasing News” where he will continue to serve as host. Long before his media career, Bill was a Boston Graduate, U.S. Marine, businessman and conservative activist whose political resume includes chairing the College Republican National Committee and a 12th congressional district Republican candidacy in 2004.


Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney is a regular guest on both Bill’s NJ 101.5 and Chasing News programs.

“I love New Jersey. The opportunity to join other New Jerseyans every morning in a conversation about our state is both exciting and rewarding,” opined Spadea in a statement released by the station. “The NJ 101.5 team is the best in the business and I’m proud to be a part of this successful family.”

You can read the full NJ 101.5 statement HERE.

Our entire team wishes Jim a speedy recovery and a long, healthy retirement! And naturally all the best of luck to our friend, Bill, as he officially embarks on this new endeavor.


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  1. Not a Spadea fan, he consistently has callers waiting for up to a half hour then talks over them and cuts them off. I kept waiting for Jim to return but, now that he isn’t coming back, I will find another station to listen to. I was already half way gone when Jeff Demensky could not stop laughing at his own half baked jokes and comments. This news about Spadea seals the deal for me.

  2. Delighted to read that Goofball Gearhart has finally been put out to pasture. He was rambling and tedious, with a penchant for punctuating every second or third sentence with a chuckle or a chortle – making him sound like he’d be more at home in a rocking chair on a Nebraska porch.

    Bill Spadea, on the other hand, is a witty, very well informed and fluidly methodical radio talker who is politely intolerant of the sort of gibbering idiots one usually hears on the phone with Dumb and Dumber (aka Deminski and Doyle).

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