THURSDAY: Cruz set to raise big money, announce N.J. team in Union County

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

ted cruzTed Cruz is rising in the polls and redoubling efforts to build a national network, Save Jerseyans, including right here in donor-rich New Jersey.

His Garden State effort will likely receive a major boost on Thursday when the Texas senator hosts a 4:30 p.m. presser at the American Legion Post in Rahway, New Jersey to announce his state leadership team headed by none other than Steve Lonegan.

Then he’s off to a $2,700 per guest early-evening fundraiser dinner at the Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains followed later that evening by an event at the nearby Englewood home of Elizabeth and Avi Samuels advertised as a $1,000-per-plate fundraiser; the Samuels recently hosted a fundraiser for Marco Rubio, too, which fetched $100,000 for Cruz’s rival’s campaign. Team Cruz is undoubtedly hoping to reap a similarly-sized bounty.

A healthy cash infusion and some earned media in the New York market comes at an opportune time for the Tea Party darling; the last two public polls show Ted Cruz in second place in Iowa. He’s got more work to do here, however, in the unlikely event that New Jersey’s June primary factors into the delegate fight. The latest polling here finds him in a distant fifth place position.

Click HERE to reserve tickets for the Rahway event.


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  1. Um…Establishment types such as you made the same lament about Ronald Reagan in 1980…and repeated it in 1984. Go back to the pasture, Jimbo.

  2. So…you managed to interview “basically everyone who has ever met” Ted Cruz? Please explain how you managed to pull your head out of Marco’s crotch long enough to accomplish that? I’ll wait.

  3. Poor Jimbo…it must frost you that Jebbie has faded into oblivion and that Gov. Zeppelin has as much chance of being nominated by the GOP as Rubio has of growing chest hair this year.

  4. I can’t wait to see how high Lonegan bounces after Team Cruz tosses him off the building when they realize what a self-aggrandizing, blowhard shit head he truly is.

  5. We true conservatives are tired of us creeping the left out we are here and we are not going to crawl into a corner and shut up any longer. WE are here. and we are not going to give in just because the liberal left lies and votes in our primaries. the liberals have to lie and cheat other wise they would never win any elections at all.

  6. You see this is why I love Mr. Ted Cruz he will not lower himself to other candidates level by insults. and you can say you hate him all you wish this use to be America where free speech was free just think what it will be when the mussy and the illegals make you learn their language. i hope you love allah

  7. I do not know who Lonegan is do you? I mean this honestly not as a smarky response I am honestly asking who he is and why you think he is a blowhard.

  8. Because I know him, fought to get him elected governor in 2009 and eventually learned the truth about him.

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