Trump flip flops on Monmouth and demonstrates, again, why he’s a dangerous liar

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

trump murrayWhen last week’s Jersey-based Monmouth University poll showed Ted Cruz taking a first place position in Iowa, Save Jerseyans, polling-obsessed Donald Trump was characteristically classless.

“I’ve never even heard Monmouth. What the hell is Monmouth?” he said. “I only like polls that treat me well.”

Fair enough.

Now the Donald has a reason to like Patrick Murray’s vaunted polling institute after a new national poll, out Monday, treats him pretty well (?) at 41%. “I wanted to be the first to share the latest national poll results from the highly respected Monmouth University.”

Jersey-originated Daily Beast journalist Olivia Nuzzi said it best:

Sure, it’s amusing when a megalomaniac makes an ass out of himself, folks, but so long as he’s still leading most polls, this citizen is a little too creeped out to laugh. Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact found a whopping 76% of his examined statements are “mostly false” or “pants on fire” false.

Mostly true? 7%.

The man has that rare authoritarian quality of shamelessly embracing facts that fit his narrative and brazenly distorting those that don’t (or demonizing the bearer of the dissenting facts, as Patrick found out).

Do we really want to entrust our country to a man who rivals Hillary Clinton for the title of America’s leading Pinocchio impersonator?


11 thoughts on “Trump flip flops on Monmouth and demonstrates, again, why he’s a dangerous liar

  1. I thought Obama was Americas leading Pinocchio imitator. Either way a politician who takes excessive liberty with facts or campaign promises is nothing new to the public, and the non-fulfillment of them is foolishly now taken for granted.

  2. Trump’s opinion of polls depending on whether or not they favor him does not bother me. What does bother me is that he came out in favor of ethanol subsidies, criticized Justice Scalia and called Ted Cruz a maniac this past weekend. Could be that the Establishment agrees with him on those issues, but those are the types of things that could turn off Conservatives like myself.

  3. Trump is a democrat …. probably working in concert with HRC. Will go 3rd party and give the election to her IMO.

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