Rutgers doesn’t care about illegal immigrants’ kids. They want the money!

Rutgers doesn’t care about illegal immigrants’ kids. They want the money!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Yes, Save Jerseyans. It’s that simple.

The goal of Saturday’s publicized Rutgers University college fair for “undocumented” (read: illegal) immigrants wasn’t as altruistic as it seemed. For the second year in a row, the university knowingly and openly assisted prospective students lacking legal citizenship or visitor status shop through the course catalog and enroll at in-state tuition rates at the university system’s Newark campus.

[pullquote]New Jersey can’t afford to be giving away free stuff to folks who aren’t even New Jerseyans.”[/pullquote]Let’s be brutally clear about something from the get-go: while yes, most non-citizens students are not eligible for student aid unless they fit into one a of a few narrow categories, thanks to the legislation passed by our Democrat legislature and signed into law by our Republican Governor two years ago this month, New Jersey’s illegal aliens are eligible for in-state tuition.

Equality? Nope. More special rights paid for by you and me, Save Jerseyans. In-state tuition is aid of another sort assuming, of course, that the recipient and his or her co-signatories aren’t paying property taxes. The Garden State, like other states across America’s fruited plains, subsidizes the higher education cartel by using tax dollars to pay the difference between the REAL cost of a college education and artificially-reduced in-state tuition rates.

Rutgers takes plenty of our tax dollars – hundreds of millions annually – and uses that cash to push a radical political agenda… and subsidize tuition for folks who aren’t (to borrow a favorite liberal phrase) “paying their fair share.”

So you’re on the hook for millions to educate illegals while struggling to help your own kids get ahead, folks, on top of the roughly $2.1 billion they already cost us on an annual basis

Border wall brownsvile illegal immigration

RU wants the cash. These kids are just an excuse to secure more of it.

Am I proposing a penalty? Deportation trains or torture chambers? No.

I’m simply stating what should be obvious to any honest and free-thinking citizen with a brain and access to a calculator: New Jersey can’t afford to be giving away free stuff to folks who aren’t even New Jerseyans. Duh? Our state’s debt load is already $170 billion…

And while we’re at it, let’s set the mathematics aside and wax a little philosophical: isn’t a healthy level of struggle is a vital part of the American experience?

U.S. citizenship blissfully isn’t based on race, religion, dynasty, nationality, or any of that arguably superficial stuff. Taking the oath is buying into an idea – an “experiment,” as it’s often been described – of free individuals operating in a system where government is constrained from transgressing against our natural rights and independence, hard-work, and character afford a right to enterprise, not a particular outcome.

New Jersey’s DREAM Act put the cart before the horse. It short-circuits the melting pot to buy votes… and help Rutgers find subsidized new line items for their state aid proposals. Rather than be force-fed the resulting overpriced and undesirable stew, our fellow New Jerseyans are running for the bridges.

All to help Rutgers get richer? Hawking cheap tuition for rapidly-depreciating degrees? Churning out more liberal arts majors when our U.S. employers can’t find employees skilled in the right disciplines? Think before responding, liberal friends: We say that’s un-American not out of malice but for the very factual reasons described above. We don’t do “free rides” here, and get in the way of the free market, not only in rejection of a contrived and misguided sense of justice but also because it doesn’t work and – one more time – we cannot afford it.

I wonder if there’s anyone left who still believes that in the Rutgers faculty? More to the point, I wonder if there’s a single Republican looking at higher office in New Jersey with the intestinal fortitude to the make the argument?


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  1. Matt Rooney What do you do with someone who was illegally brought into US and NJ as a baby and has lived and attended school in NJ for last 16 years and wants to go to college here? Some didn’t even know they were illegal as they were growing up.

  2. I can’t speak for Matt, but I certainly would relish the look on their precious little illegal faces when they are herded into an airliner and shipped back to the Third Word commode whence they came. Does that answer your question, Jeff Goldstein?

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