At Rutgers, marginalizing conservatives is the last acceptable form of bigotry

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Yes, Barack Obama is coming to Rutgers University, Save Jerseyans, exciting liberals in all 21 counties who’ve still yet to figure out (or come to grips with the fact) that he’s a total and complete failure.

I get it. Failure or not, he’s still the president. As Governor Christie noted earlier today, it’s a big get for a university system that hasn’t had a lot to celebrate in recent years.

The real losers? This year’s graduating class, and everyone coming up behind them, who were shaped in an academic environment that unapologetically preaches bigotry against any viewpoint inconsistent with leftist orthodoxy.

obama rice rutgersSpecifically? Conservatism.

I’ve made it a personal mission to catalogue the Rutgers University system’s many transgressions against the principle of academic freedom right here at Save Jersey. Someone needs to do it!

These kids are being conned as are the taxpayers of New Jersey who are subsidizing a public university system that essentially functions as a liberal think tank. Its victims take out crippling loans and put out huge money for a giant safe space that ill-prepares them to be thoughtful, constructive participants in a democracy.

What’s the point?

Consider, for example, how our first black president’s upcoming commencement address is being celebrated as a triumph for the historic college while, just two years ago, the first black female secretary of state, the Republican Condi Rice, was harassed into withdrawing her acceptance of the commencement invitation by radical leftists in the faculty.

My two cents? It’d be nice if the kids heard from both historic figures. Right? You can’t learn looking through only one side of the lens. It was another historic female leader – Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, who famously said….

I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job.”
Old Queens
Old Queens

Nor is it a student’s job to run from tough questions or debates and retreat to ‘safe spaces’ when things get interesting. Again, you can’t learn that way. It’s not how the real world works.

But you and I both know that education isn’t the #1 goal of the education establishment in 2016. They’re detached from reality by design.

Indoctrination – and inoculation against divergent ideas – is what it’s all about.

That’s why maligning and marginalizing conservatives remains the last pervasive and tolerated form of bigotry in America’s institutions of ‘higher learning’ (whatever the hell that means given what we’re discussing).

Rutgers is one of the worst offenders both in terms of frequency and scale. The school community’s wildly divergent treatments of President Obama and Secretary Rice stand as a sad indictment of a once-great institution. I, for one, will never give them a single a red cent. Doing so only helps feed the beast and shaft another generation of New Jersey citizens out of a real education.


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  1. Bringing up a generation of vipers that will willingly vote for their (and unfortunately our) own enslavement. Our precious liberty that was and is bought and paid for in blood and treasure will die in one generation. Think it can’t happen??? Adolph Hitler was elected…..

  2. Still waiting for hard questions to The Hillary…watch HER whine then. That would be fun

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