What Each State Googled for Valentine’s Day

What Each State Googled for Valentine’s Day

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Save Jerseyans, people all over the country are desperately trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other. Are you among them? Estately found that, when it comes to love, every state approaches gift-giving-Googling in their own unique way.

From bear skin rugs to silk boxers to boudoir photos, these searches are all over the map. Literally.

I’m proud to say that New Jersey is keeping it classy with searches for roses, chocolates, wine and romantic movies. Our neighbors in Pennsylvania are looking to spice things up with edible underwear, while our friends in Delaware are playing it safe with searches for gift cards. Good work, gents!

See below for the entire list:



ALABAMA: Lord Byron (poetry)

ALASKA: flower delivery

ARIZONA: cubic zirconia rings, Jacquie Lawson cards

ARKANSAS: romance novels, Zale’s jewelry

CALIFORNIA: gold, cubic zirconia jewelry, couples pajamas, heart-shaped sunglasses, bondage kit

COLORADO: platinum rings, fondue, dance lessons, couples yoga, aphrodisiac foods

CONNECTICUT: Edible Arrangements, smoking jacket

DELAWARE: gift card

FLORIDA: Pandora jewelry, Barry White songs

GEORGIA: satin pajamas, couples outfits

HAWAII: flower, platinum, pearls, pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearls, romantic comedy (movie genre), couples massage, tandem kayak

IDAHO: Adam & Eve (the online store, not the Adam & Eve from the Bible)

ILLINOIS: chocolate fondue

INDIANA: romantic gifts, romantic getaway, couples vacation, mood music,

IOWA: tandem bicycle

KANSAS: Helzberg Diamonds, Valentine’s recipes

KENTUCKY: couples tattoos, 50 Shades of Grey (novel), 50 Shades of Grey (film), songs to ____ to, roses, porn for couples,

LOUISIANA: jewelry, men’s jewelry (tie w/ Oklahoma), pearl earrings, adult sex toys, oysters, silk sheets, cheesecake

MAINE: lobster, lobster recipe, Maidenform, Robert Burns (poetry)

MARYLAND: ProFlowers (company), couples activities, Valentine’s Day dinner, Sade (band), Sears portraits

MASSACH– USETTS: couples cooking class

MICHIGAN: ballroom dancing lessons

MINNESOTA: silk boxers

MISSISSIPPI: pearl necklace, cheap jewelry, cheap lingerie, men’s cologne, mixtape

MISSOURI: Hallmark cards, couples resort, vejazzling

MONTANA: silver, lobster tails

NEBRASKA: Helzberg jewelry

NEVADA: Frederick’s of Hollywood, corset, Boyz II Men, adult onesie, sexy costume

NEW HAMPSHIRE: stuffed animal

NEW JERSEY: long-stem roses, box of chocolate, chocolate gift, romantic movies, gift basket, wine gift basket

NEW MEXICO: hickey, Indiana jewelry, silver jewelry

NEW YORK: 1-800-FLOWERS, earrings, chocolate baskets, Harlequin books, wine delivery, couples spa package, Victoria’s Secret, champagne, silk pajamas, candygram, romantic motel, perfume, romantic restaurants, mink coat

NORTH CAROLINA: sterling silver jewelry

NORTH DAKOTA: gifts for him, couples retreat, flower bouquet

OHIO: Pandora bracelet, romantic getaways

OKLAHOMA: Teleflora, men’s jewelry (tie w/ Louisiana), relationship counseling, marriage counseling, boudoir photography, boudoir photos

OREGON: poetry, romance novel, romance movies

PENNSYLVANIA: edible underwear, Hershey’s Kisses

RHODE ISLAND: Pandora charms, charm bracelet, bracelet, couples dancing lessons, romantic hotel

SOUTH CAROLINA: matching outfits, how to be romantic

SOUTH DAKOTA: gold jewelry, Romeo and Juliet, JCPenney portraits

TENNESSEE: cheap sex toys

TEXAS: Valentines for him, edible panties, discount sex toys, plus-size lingerie

UTAH: cute valentines, men’s rings, cubic zirconia, Sweethearts candy, Conversation Hearts, lingerie, couples games

VERMONT: chocolate, romantic movies

VIRGINIA: romance (TV show genre), Kama Sutra, romantic music, sexy songs

WASHINGTON: bear skin rug, platinum ring, red wine, sparkling wine, aphrodisiacs

WEST VIRGINIA: Valentine’s Day ideas, cheap gifts, eCards, handcuffs, video games

WISCONSIN: teddy bear, fur coat

WYOMING: flowers, sex toys, adult toys, vibrator, bra, mail-order bride


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