Kerry finally accepts reality. Great. So what now?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Obama-era battle against Islamic Terrorism is undoubtedly his politically correct State Department’s stubborn refusal to accept reality.

They’d rather be PC than effective. It’s nauseating.

Finally, this week, Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged that ISIS’s genocidal actions. Why it was sooo hard to do is only explainable by Kerry’s radical liberal worldview, one which he obviously shares with this boss, President Obama. 

We’re not impressed.

Least of all? New Jersey’s resident human rights champion Chris Smith (R, NJ-04) who took to social media to ask the obvious follow-up to Kerry’s admission:

Secretary of State John Kerry today designated the ISIS slaughter, rape and torture of Christians, Yazidis and Shite…

Posted by Congressman Chris Smith on Thursday, March 17, 2016


5 thoughts on “Kerry finally accepts reality. Great. So what now?

  1. So, Obama and his state department refuse to accept the reality of islamic terrorism, but as you as someone points out that ISIS wouldn’t exist right now if it weren’t for Bush starting an illegal war in Iraq and creating total chaos in the region, it’s immediately dismissed as pointless Bush bashing. Somebody here has a problem accepting reality but it’s not Obama and Kerry. It’s obviously YOU.

  2. “They’d rather be PC than effective. It’s nauseating.”

    Welcome to the G0Pe, R00ney.

  3. Yeah, that’s right Justine: Islamic terrorism erupted only after George Bush was elected. Let’s agree to ignore 1,500 years of history.

    Start looking for that spider hole, you little shit…you’re gonna need it when the Purge begins.

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