POLL: Who’s most likely to get your vote in New Jersey’s June Primary?

30 thoughts on “POLL: Who’s most likely to get your vote in New Jersey’s June Primary?

  1. Cruz all the way …his record stands strong …he isn’t liked by both parties because he is a true conservative and his strong beliefs in our constitution ..he is a very smart man and he clerked for one of out greatest supreme court justices .
    he isn’t part of the career corrupt flip floppers in dc and has kept his promises to the people of texas that sent him to washington .
    i can never trust trump with his past and things he did here in atlantic city ..and the fact that he is close friends with clinton ..then comes the fact that every company he was ceo of has had to file bankruptcy ..
    and then he switched parties after his friend didn’t get the nomination over obama

  2. Torn between Trum and Cruz. Kasich is in as a spoiler only at the bidding of the party elites; he has no mathematic chance at winning. Nice guy though great at bufdget & economy still too RINO on social issues.

  3. **–** No one man has the solution to all our problems and it will take a Team of experts to rise and get united to help lead our President towards prosperity, it will be a daunting task to Save America. Lets rise, get united for a prosperous future for our next generation.
    Ted Cruz for President of America,
    Rising Tide Lifts All.
    Ted Cruz 2016

    Ted Cruz 2016 https://youtu.be/eYGjBI31h28

    Ted Cruz 2016 https://youtu.be/tBRD7QZ2Tw4

    PS: I.m glad, for our team, who have been working 24/7 to help promote our future President Ted Cruz 2016
    A.P.P. American Patriotic Party.
    No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth, very hard to digest and some will easily choke on it ! !

  4. Trump is not beholden to the lobbyists and special interests. He wants to deport the illegals and build a wall, which can and should be done. NAFTA and TTP are collapsing our economy Trump knows this better than anyone. Common core has to go and he has been the most vocal about it. Common core will not be gotten rid of by the same crony Republicans who gave it to us in the first place (follow the money) Obamacare like common core will be repealed. The only reason it has not been stopped by using the power of the purse is once again the lack of willpower, More cronyism and fear of hard work within the GOP. Tell me what has the GOP done to help our Vets, or try to stop the corruption at the VA or the IRS, EPA NOTHING! More of the same. Yet they keep giving us more and more spending. Trump will not be going to Washington for a career or to become a millionaire, as many do now,( career politicans) He already built that on his own. Trump is the only one that is not interested nation building, but in rebuilding our own nation. He is a success and will bring that work ethic with him, of which our current politicians seem to lack. He is tough and unapolagetic which at this time in our history is exactly what is needed now more than ever. Anyone who does not think our country is just about over the cliff is uniformed and not paying attention. Trump sealed it for me when I came to find out how deeply he is aware of the UN NWO and the globalists who are taking over of our country. . He seem s to be the only one willing to fight it. He knows who they are and what they want to do to our nation, our economy, and our sovereignty.

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