Trump’s the one who deserves “punishment” for that ignorant, awful and dishonest abortion answer

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Holly Schepisi
Holly Schepisi

Some New Jersey politicians are beginning to line up behind one candidate or another ahead of what’s looking increasingly likely to be a contested GOP convention, Save Jerseyans, but up in the 39th Legislative District, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R) isn’t feeling very inspired.


“As a Republican who also happens to be female I am horrified by what is going on nationally in our party. To the men running for the highest office in the country please get a grip and act like grown ups,” Holly opined via social media on Thursday morning. “This is getting ridiculous. Family members are not fair game, women should not be ‘punished’ for having an abortion, no one gives a crap about the size of your hands. We care about opportunity not entitlement. We care about our national security. We care about our jobs, our businesses and families. Please stop the insanity.”

Context is key. Incivility is only a small part of what’s concerning so many of us. Her comments on the interplay between abortion and “punishment” were almost certainly catalyzed by the most recent headlines.

In case you missed it, here’s the Donald’s latest room-clearing brain fart emitted during this week’s MSNBC presidential town hall thingie:

The “answer is that there has to be some form of punishment, yeah,” a visibly struggling and uncomfortable Trump told Chris Matthews, characteristically without any accompanying statistics. I actually liked his Catholicism retort – Matthews’ “private morality” argument is as toothless as the tingle Obama sent up his leg – yet a terrible hypocrite like Trump isn’t the most effective prosecutor of that important point, is he?

Let’s take a quick second to unpack this or it’s going to be impossible to discuss in a constructive way.

First off, 99.9% of pro-lifers (myself proudly included) aren’t advocating sticking young women in stockades for having obtained abortions. Trump did himself and the pro-life movement a lot of damage by grabbing onto that objectively incorrect and shitty premise with both hands, folks, wagging his orange jaw like a moron while another couple of states slipped out of our electoral column for it. Chris Matthews is asking the questions… shouldn’t this genius businessman have been prepared to say something a little less stupid?

The bottom line (and a discussion to be elaborated upon at a later time): exacting punishment and removing access are two entirely different concepts. You still might not agree with me, fair enough, but there is a substantive and major difference known to all intelligent peoples save for the Republican front runner.

So thanks a lot for that, Donald. Schmuck.

But regardless of where you fall on what we need to “do” about abortion, I’m curious if any pro-life Trumpies have bothered to think deeply enough about whether Trump can be counted on to support the incrimental progress made by red and red-ish states toward curbing the barbaric practice?

Well, he’s been all over the place on the Supreme Court as with most other issues, alternatively praising Scalia and praising his radical pro-choice sister – a federal judge – all in the same news cycle.

So there’s that. Of course, all you need to consider is his ‘evolution’ on abortion itself to realize he’s dangerously full of crap.

Evolution is the popular term for it but it isn’t accurate since evolution implies progression in one direct. Trump’s trajectory is anything but linear. He was “very pro-choice” in 1999. Not as a kid in 1969 or younger man in 1979.

In his 50’s, as a grown-ass man, Trump was yuuuuuge into infanticide:

More recently, since diving into the race for president in June 2016, Trump discovered religion – the Bible is his favorite book by a hair! – and declared that he’s opposed to abortion save for the usual (yet statistically rare) exceptions: instances of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life.

Then things got complicated, again, at the MSNBC town hall. See the first video above.

The “punishment” sound bite only tells part of the story. It’s so much worse when you break-down the entire exchange’s progression. 

He made the ‘punishment’ remark around 1 p.m.?

A relatively short time later, around 3:30, the Trump Team put out a statement explaining that the issue is “unclear and should be put back into the states for determination.” Huh?

Then… full stop. About an hour and a half later, yet another statement crossed the wires declaring “the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb.”

Confused? Good. I’d be worried if you weren’t!

abortion illegalTime to extract your collective head from your shared rear end, Trumpies. “Get a grip and act like grown ups” as Holly advised. Your candidate didn’t “change his mind” or “evolve” over time on abortion or anything else. This isn’t a Reagan-esque “the party left me” conversion story. Nope.

As Trump infamously said in The Art of the Deal

The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular.”

Said another way, this orange, well-heeled Frankenstein says WHATEVER HE NEED TO SAY to sell condos, steaks, airline tickets, ‘university’ degrees, books, and now, a presidential candidacy. You can’t trust a damn thing he says about abortion, the border, tomorrow’s weather or today’s basketball score. He’s making it up as he goes along and he’s getting away with it because our country is populated by (1) ignorant people (1) who feed the media’s ratings and (3) who hate what Mark Levin told them Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stand for more than they want to beat Hillary Clinton.

Could it be any clearer? He’s a fraud.

More generously? He intends to be a pro-life candidate but isn’t strong enough in his convictions, and command of the facts, to avoid flipping and flopping on national television.

He’s also, once again, behaving more like a mid-20th century European strongman than a limited government conservative. The man who thinks “education” and health care are in the Constitution also seems to think he can simply fix abortion with a wave of his magic wand, or at least judging by Answer #1. If only.

Face the music: it’s time to salvage the GOP’s 2016 prospects – and all of our vulnerable federal and state-level gains from recent cycles – by punishing Donald Trump in the only way available to us… aborting his primary candidacy. Every single polling analysis is consistent. Vote accordingly or you’re on the wrong side of history, truth, and common sense, and you’ll also need to start getting used to saying ‘Madam President’ for four to eight years. The choice should be easy for you to make. I hope?


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  1. i kind of agree with Trump and I’m surprised he got scared off and changed recently. It is ultimately the mother who allows the doctor to take the life of her unborn child in her own womb. The mother knows it is her own son or daughter she is having killed. It’s like hiring and paying an assassin to kill someone and in this case, an innocent little unborn baby. How horrible and what an insult to the Creator. Yes…throw the bitch in jail and the murderous doctors there with her. Why not? Murder is murder. What are you going to do, slap her wrist and say try not to do it again? Abortion is the main reason this country is falling into hard times and the entire world also.

  2. It was a trick question and he fell for it. In a long campaign you’ll fall for a few. Trump is a little more susceptible to that because he enjoys speaking quickly off the cuff. He has to learn to not react so fast.

  3. I think this quote says it all, vote wisely my friends.

    “The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular.”

  4. U SHOULD EVEN HAVE THIS DISCUSSION ANYMORE. THE SUPREME COURT RULED. ABORTIONS LEGAL. END OF STORY. NOW IF ALL THE LAZY SLUTS WANT TO KILL THEIR CHILDREN, INSTEAD OF HAVING AND KEEPING PROPER BIRTH CONTROL. THAT’S ON THE SMUTTY MURDERS. I AM FROM THE 50″s NOOOOO BIRTH CONTROL. 60;s end growing up NO PROPER BIRTH CONTROL. THE SLUTS HAVE IT TOOO EASY. DIAPHRAGM, SUPER CONDOMS birth control.pills. super no monthly get pregnant pill( no egg-no baby pill) no discussion on this closed subject. Focus on the economy & deportation of 50.million illegal alien scrum invaders.

  5. Ya know i dont hear anything about Hillary when she was against same sex marriage (proof is in the videos ive seen) and now she says she was always an advocate…even when there is proof, she still lies……I just want to say that if something is ‘BANNED’ means you should be punished for doing it…BUT i dont think abortion should be banned but only done if the person has been raped or there is a risk of health….thats it!!!

  6. Dump the Rump! If this is whi and what America has become, God Help US!
    That said, if the laws of this land change, State by State, to criminalize those that kill unborns, then yes, prosecute all who do!
    Excluding rape, women have a choice on how they have sex. Choose wisely!

  7. Trump this Trump that. Jerkoff Chris Matthews asked Trump a hypothetical trick question. Let’s not let our pea brain emotions get in the way of reality. Donald stated he is FOR women having choices, long before Mathews asked a Megan Kelly question. What you Trump haters should have dumped was your brains in the toilet for voting for Obama twice.

  8. That’s not my opinion I agree with Trump murder is murder weather you see the child or it’s inside of you. They are little victim without a voice or choice there are other ways if you don’t want a child murder is not the answer as long as abortion is an option women will take it

  9. Congratulations to our leaders for their focus on Trump while Rome Burns.

    Layoffs: March 30 , 2016

    BlackRock Inc – 400

    Update: BAE Systems in Norfolk VA – 170

    Update: BP in Houston – 500+

    Boeing – 4,000+ Layoffs

    Update: State Street Corp – up to 7,000 by 2020

    Chicago State University – Layoffs Possible

  10. Nothing wrong with Trump’s statements and the only people who have a problem with it are the idiots and the self entitled. If a woman procured a partial birth abortion now, she should be charged with infanticide and as is the case with her doctor. Women are not above the law. Black Lives Matter activists are not above the law. And none of the people who yammer endlessly about their pet needs and micro aggressions are above the law. One of the MYRIAD problems with the USA is that it has ceased being a nation of law and it has devolved into a nation of special interests.

  11. That question can have a few answers,trump answered one It may have been the right one or the wrong one,,,out of a thousand questions and answers he has answered. He has stuck to his guns,,,abortion takes a lot of consideration …..Trump

  12. * Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.
    * Heidi Cruz is a member of the leftist council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.
    * Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy advisor.
    * Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.
    * Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.
    * Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration.
    * Heidi was director for the Western Hemisphere on the national security council under Condoleeza Rice.
    * Heidi served as deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head,
    Robert Zoellick, working on China trade policy.
    * Ted Cruz’ campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, is a former CIA officer.
    He also worked for Goldman Sachs.
    * Ted Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (trans pacific partnership agreement)
    fast track trade authority, removing the hurdle of concern for further amendment, and clearing the way for passage!
    It didn’t have to be recorded, so nobody knew this.
    He voted NOT to require approval of congress before other countries could join, including China.
    * Cruz has openly stated that he will NOT use a deportation force, and will continue to use the failed ICE system, where an illegal has to commit a crime first, then be caught.
    * Cruz belongs to the radical Christian sect of 7 mountains dominionism.
    Wise up, he’s not who you think he is
    he has always been establishment, he is bought and paid by the banks. He did not vote to audit the Federal Reserve, he most certainly is establishment.

  13. Well who do you choose to eat you?
    Cruz has one vote in the Senate Mike Lee.
    How does Ted convince his own party never mind the Libs to pass anything in Congress?
    Charm?Convincing arguments?
    Call them Racists?
    Trump has world wide reources to convince and twist arms.
    Few will want to mess with him and place their personal and political gains in jeopardy.
    Cruz can bark for two days in a Senate filibuster but not accomplish anything.
    Trump has the “bite” to make it right….

  14. He actually answered the gotcha quetion from “Chris “the moron” Matthews, correctly. Chris asked if abortion was ILLEGAL, should a woman that has one be punished. If Trump said no, Chris the moron would have said, then you don’t believe people should obey laws, so Trump answered correctly when he said yes, if abortion was ILLEGAL, a law breaker should be punished. End of story, oh well, no big friggin deal.

  15. Its amazing how easily people are manipulated bu media suggestion… it was a hypothetical question… the law has been decided and there is nothing trump can do about it so his answer is moot.. when will republican candidates learn not to fall into these weasel traps set by dishonest failed talk show hosts….????

  16. Even if Roe v. Wade were reversed and the issue went back to the states, abortion would be legal in a substantial number of states including New Jersey. If Trump had said this from the beginning and just said that he is not going to talk about anything he can’t solve, he would have had a much better week. .

  17. It was a hypothetical question, what a bunch of morons. Because he speaks his mind, and isn’t pc you crush him? So telegraphed bs politician that got this country in this mess in the first place, is the one who is right? Idiots, this thinking is why this country is almost 20 trillion in debt. This country is dying, from yrs of political hacks we voted in, and the one guy standing up for the country us the problem?

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