Question for Bruce Springsteen: Will You Support Asbury Park Gays Against Bigotry and Refuse to Play There, Too?

By Tommy De Seno | The Save Jersey Blog

Greetings, Bruce! 

I hail from the City of your choosing, Asbury Park New Jersey. A fan since you named your first album after our fair city; I’m one of your loyal “kids huddled on the beach in the mist.”  We’ve met on those nights you thrill the locals with impromptu performances at the Stone Pony, which made that venue famous.

I’ve noticed your occasional forays into politics, including your concert cancellation in North Carolina to protest laws about who gets to use what bathroom, and who gets to sue for discrimination. 

As a constitutionalist I care mostly whether a government has the power to make a law. Those who care for politics can debate whether the law is desirable, if it’s good, if we want it.  That’s you Bruce. In song you’re passionately egalitarian. You’re culturally important.  I may agree or disagree with what you say, but I’ll go the full Voltaire and die for your right to say it. We need your political speech and that of others.

bruceHowever, I do have a concern about you, Bruce. I need to know you are 100% committed to human rights. I need to know our working class hero is still with us.  You see, there is a human rights issue for LGBT people right in your beloved Asbury Park, far worse than bathroom placards, and you need to stop playing there until it’s fixed. Let me explain.

The Stone Pony (and all the boardwalk buildings in Asbury Park) was purchased by a company that is a drone for a parent company which owns and controls it in governance and operation. The parent company, Capital Guidance, is a Middle Eastern company that employs, consistent with their morals, a “Sharia Advisory Board,” chaired by the one of the world’s leading Sharia hucksters and supporters of human rights abuses – Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani

You don’t know him, but outside of America he was named the 22nd most influential person in the Islamic world. Let’s take a look at his greatest hits:

Regarding the LGBT community, Sheik Usmani wrote the laws of Pakistan, and enforced them as a judge, that jails gays for life for being gay. In other areas of that country? Gays are stoned to death. You’ll agree this is exponentially worse than a North Carolina Republican keeping a transgender person out of the ladies room.

Bruce, I know you care for black people, evidenced by your song 41 shots, and Asbury Park is a majority black community.  In the warring Islamic parts of North Africa they keep African slaves, and Sheikh Usmani supports slavery, saying:

Thus, the clear manifest truth is that taking slaves is permissible in Islam, with its laws and its limits which have preceded, and nothing has abrogated it, and there are wisdoms in this which we have explained, and the opinion of its abrogation is rejected and is against consensus, and has no proof from the proofs of the Shari‘ah.

While you abhor war Bruce, you’ve supported our troops, as with your song Born in the USA.  Sheikh Usmani, whose Deobandi school influenced the Taliban, called our troops fighting after 9/11 “butchers” “vultures” and accused them of killing innocents.  He lamented there weren’t enough “martyrs” against our troops, the same thought that girds the suicide bomber.

Please tell me we still have the Bruce Springsteen who objected to a condo tower in Asbury Park being called “The Rising” to keep unmarred his commitment to our 9/11 healing!

About you, me, and all of America, Sheikh Usmani in his book Islam and Modernism said Jihadists should launch “Jihad with Power” followed by this:

Here, killing is to continue until the unbelievers pay Jizyah [a tax on non-believers], after they are humbled or overpowered.”

Add it up Bruce. Sheikh Usmani advocates for and helped enforce a system that jails gays, enslaves blacks, hates our troops and wants Jihadists to kill you, me and anyone in America who doesn’t join his religion. The company that controls the Stone Pony brags that he is a moral advisor and spiritual guide. 

This is a test I want you to pass, Bruce.  Prove to the world your commitment to human rights.  Stand with the LGBT community, with blacks, with our troops.  We are more than just born to run away, aren’t we? Will you stand with Asbury Park gays like you did North Carolinians? 

Will you refuse to play Asbury Park until ties are cut with Sheikh Usmani, Bruce?


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29 thoughts on “Question for Bruce Springsteen: Will You Support Asbury Park Gays Against Bigotry and Refuse to Play There, Too?

  1. I’m not sure what this post means… is the author proactively in support of LGBT rights in NC or elsewhere or not? keep it simple!

  2. No, he is a conservative contrarian who likes to stir shit up. From his other writings he seems to think is is super clever, capable of seeing all the hypocrisy that no one else is smart enough to see. Ad nauseum.

  3. Typical of Springsteen and the impression-making apparatchick. They have absolutely no self-awareness, their hypocrsy knows no bounds and hate America-at least what they think America is about-and Americans that hold different views than they do. Especially, white-and black-Christians not living in the Northeast. Their Marxist-Progressive-Socialist-Lenininist-Trotskyite-Woody Guthrie ideals of their 60’s youth have not changed, dangerously living in the past to justify their command and control impulses today. Their dismissal of communism as a threat and derision of anti-communists back then has been replaced today by Islamism, thinking that their views are superior to those held by ‘yahoos’ that disagree with their idiocy. All, while sticking their views and disdain in people’s faces, flipping the tables by dismissing those that hold different views as somewhow Un-American (See Obama) because the rest of America are not Marxists. The ignorance is strong in this one. But hey, you have to give to these morons credit. They have turned bathroom ettiquette and Frankenstein-like biological changes into a ‘civil rights’ controversy in an attempt to enhance their hipster cred. Has anyone bought a Springsteen album in…..35 years?

  4. Wow if you are not like you , you are a Marxist Leninist? So much for libertarianism and right to responsibly own your own gender identity in our society. Imagine paying taxes to enable a government to single outs class of people and discriminate against you!

    Sounds like fascism!

  5. Born in the USA does not support troops. It is an anti Vietnam song his fans chose to adopt as pro America. This guy has no credibility even saying Bruce Springsteen supported the troops….

  6. That question is invalid because if was the law of transgenders using the girls bathroom…the subject wasnt being gay you fuckin asshats… me a favor and stop twisting up why he did what he did…i support it too…i dont want a transgender with a dick in the same bathroom as my daughter….fuck that shit!!

  7. Asbury Park is an oceanside haven for gays and transgenders anyway… I don’t go there but the Main St, to support wonderful legal immigrant restaurant/store owners who have been completely IGNORED by the corrupted city government and gay/trans owners/patrons..

  8. what’s a transgender? Someone showed me a video of a bearded guy who said he was transgender and the law said he was a women and had to go there

  9. Ah yes….he doesn’t give into the libbie babble….you people really don’t hear yourselves, do you? But thanks for providing me with much amusement.

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