Sorry, Pallone: Obamacare is NOT what’s driving falling uninsured rates

pallone obamacare medicaidBy Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie assented to a Medicaid expansion back in February 2013, Save Jerseyans, one of the first issues that drove a wedge between the then-prospective GOP presidential candidate and national Republican voters.

And guess what? For 2015, new data shows uninsured rates have fallen to 9.1% nationally – and 6.9% in New Jersey.

It’s an election year so, naturally, Obamacare co-architect Frank Pallone (D, NJ-06) is claiming credit on behalf of his party and their (Un)Affordable Care Act:

No so fast, Francis!

A closer look at the numbers tells a very different story.

In 2014, a full 97% of Obamacare’s alleged newly insured were actually covered by the Medicaid expansion, not an (Un)Affordable Care Act plan.

In 2015, the CDC reported that 65.6% of individuals under age 65 were covered by private insurance; that’s virtually unchanged from 2007, before the ACA was adopted, when the percentage was 66.8%.

The bottom line: Americans are more dependent on the government than ever before thanks to Obamacare and its chief apologists like Frank Pallone. This isn’t a success story; it’s a story of government failure masked by government liars.

Ironically, Pallone can thank his nemesis, Chris Christie, for accepting the expansion here in New Jersey and inadvertently giving the Democrat a misleading statistic to hide behind!