THURSDAY: Trenton takes aim at toy guns, empowering marriage counselors (!) to seize weapons

The Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee is at it again, Save Jerseyans.

This Thursday (9/21), the legislature’s foundry of anti-Second Amendment legislation will consider three new bills, each of which will also make outside observers scratch their heads.

Here’s what’s on tap:

A2938 is especially crazy.

If passed and signed into law, it would empower a variety of health care industry professionals including marriage counselors to pursue the seizure of their clients’ firearms without due process; the bill explains it as a statutory change which “[r]equires firearms seizure when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.”

Can you say half-baked?

gun controlShouldn’t courts make these decisions? Does every professional empowered by this measure have the occupational ability to make a seizure call? And wouldn’t this legislation create a major conflict of interest for the professionals in question?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for reasonable, well though-out answers.

A3934 isn’t much better.

That bill endeavors to criminalize sales of new handguns lacking “microstamping” technology. Microstamping imprints the make, model and serial number of the firearm on each cartridge.

The problem? For starters, much like smart gun technology, this particular tech is theoretical. There’s also the not-insignificant matter of how microstramping would actually help police. Revolver case typically aren’t left at crime scenes and criminals usually aren’t dense enough to use traceable guns.

We’re left to conclude that the REAL legislative intent here isn’t safety so much as finding a sneaky way to shutdown the sale of new handguns in New Jersey.

Last but not least?

A1119 endeavors to outlaw toy guns and imitation firearms!

The exceptions? Toy guns which are “a color other than black, blue, silver, and aluminum” with a minimum one-inch diameter barrel and labeled with  one-inch wide, non-removable orange stripe on both sides of the fake barrel.

Because yeah, at a time when terrorists are plotting death and destruction in our midst, kids playing GI JOE is Trenton’s top “public safety” priority….

Governor Chris Christie can be counted on to veto this nonsense.

Come January 2018? If we don’t elect the right person to succeed him next fall?

God help us all.