Month: September 2016

NJEA summons gubernatorial hopefuls to genuflect, kiss its butt as 2017 cycle begins

After spending inordinate amounts of cash to solidify Democrat control of the legislature back in 2015, Save Jerseyans, the State of New Jersey’s most powerful special interest group (which rarely hides its lack of concern for getting taxpayers and their Read More

N.J. DOT commish scolds Star-Ledger for tying Hoboken crash to TTF fight

Did lax safety measures lead to yesterday’s tragic train crash in Hoboken? Governor Chris Christie says it’s too soon to speculate. His Director of Transportation Richard T. Hammer agrees with the boss; Hammer fired off a strongly-worded letter to the editor Read More

Bridgegate: Wildstein Says He Talked ‘Retaliation’ with Drewniak

Michael Drewniak testified for more than seven hours before a New Jersey legislative committee in May 2014. Gov. Chris Christie’s reputation took a bit more of a beating Wednesday, as the star prosecution witness continued his testimony at the Bridgegate Read More

Washington state mass shooter: non-citizen, registered voter and Hillary supporter?

Who says we don’t have a problem with non-citizens voting? The Obama administration and liberals in the media and Congress, that’s who. So, it must not matter that a non-citizen who is accused of being a mass-killer and terrorist appears Read More