N.J. Senator: Gas Tax Revenues Will Be ‘Wasted’ in Trenton

Trenton’s latest 158% gas tax increase ‘compromise’ isn’t winning many converts, Save Jerseyans.

Mike Doherty“I opposed the 23 cent/gallon gas tax increase in June, and I continue to oppose it today,” said Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) on Monday. “Until we get a handle on why New Jersey spends significantly more per mile than every other state, any new gas tax revenues we raise would be wasted. I don’t think that’s fair to drivers.”

Doherty’s alternative: a study focusing on the factors driving New Jersey’s highest-in-the-nation state transportation costs.

New Jersey’s road costs top $2 million per mile.

The Senator’s joint anti-gas tax increase petition, co-launched with Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11), currently boasts 12,000+ signatures.

You can click here to add your name.

The Assembly plans to take up the measure on Wednesday.