2016’s Trashiest Political Ad? Democrat House Candidate Hires Granny to Drop F-Bombs in Front of Child

October is no stranger to over-the-top political advertising, Save Jerseyans.

What’s new this year?

Democrat Josh Gottheimer, the Clintonista attempting to take-down Republican Rep. Scott Garrett in NJ-05, dropped the following profanity-laced advertisement this week all while the tagline ‘Jersey Values’ appears at the bottom of the screen:

“Are you f-ing kidding me,” the foul-mouthed senior exclaims, bleeped out, after explaining that Scott Garrett voted against equal pay legislation.

The actor goes on to curse two more times in the 30-second spot before her fictional grandson runs over from whatever he was doing in the park (probably teaching other kids the words he learned from his grandma?).


This one pissed me off on two fronts:

(1) I hate sanctimonious moral hypocrites almost as much as (2) I hate politicians who embrace the New Jerseyans-are-trashy stereotype even.

Your values aren’t my family’s values, Mr. Gottheimer. That’s clear enough now even if it wasn’t before.