O’Scanlon raises $100k for developing LD13 primary fight

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) is trying to clear the field, Save Jerseyans.

One business day after formally announcing his bid to succeed retiring State Senator Joe Kyrillos, O’Scanlon told the media that he’s raked in $100,000+ for the effort.

“The job of a State Senator is so much more than going to Trenton and voting on bills,” O’Scanlon in a statement. “The job includes being a leader in the community and the Party. That means having the resources to support your own campaign, the campaigns of other great candidates and most importantly, civic and charitable organizations in the district. Senator Kyrillos filled that role as well if not better than anyone. I am prepared to continue in Joe’s footsteps.”

O’Scanlon’s leading likely challenger for the nomination is his district-mate, Assemblywoman Amy Handlin.

The Assemblyman says he can raise $350,000 for primary season and, if need be, over $1,000,000 for the General Election.

“We live in unpredictable political times,” O’Scanlon continued. “I’m in this race to win. The Democrats have already declared that they are coming after us. My team will be prepared for any eventuality. We will make sure that the 13th district and all of Monmouth County remains the shining example of great local government and sound fiscal policies. The Monmouth County delegation in Trenton will remain a strong and effective voice for fiscal reform in Trenton.”