This Congressman feeds cancer survivor’s fears in desperate attempt to save Obamacare

Regular readers could’ve guessed who I’m talking about with venturing any further.

Frank Pallone (D, NJ-06) isn’t through with his Obamacare twilight temper tantrum, Save Jerseyans.

I guess it’s understandable. A mediocre congressional career capped by one “accomplishment” — being a self-proclaimed “architect” of the (Un)Affordable Care Act — is likely about to mean previous little. A resume line without any value. Kind of like being a co-sponsor of the 18th Amendment. Who sponsored it in Congress? Who the hell remembers… or cares…

In any event, with inauguration day little more than a week away, the Congressman can’t even be honest with his concerned constituents regarding how repeal would actually impact their lives.

Take this example screenshotted (sp?) by a friend and reader of the site:

That’s bullshit, Frank, and you know it.

This is the People’s Socialist Republic of New Jersey, and according to the National Conference of State Legislators, New Jersey is just one of five (5) states that has outright banned insurance companies from rejecting applications on the basis of preexisting medical conditions:

S 1870 is an addition to the innovation health insurance law that was enacted in 1992 that ‘provided guaranteed-issue, guaranteed-renewal coverage, with a prohibition against rating on the basis of health status and limiting preexisting condition exclusions in policies'”

So why not tell your constituent that her fears are more likely than not unfounded here in the Garden State, Congressman?

Or maybe actually display a little intellectual honesty and discuss the difficulties associated with attempting to insure against something that has already happened in a way that’s affordable/sustainable?

You know the answer. So do I.

Scaring people with cancer is easier.

Welcome to the Democrat Party. Frank Pallone’s party. The “architects” of health care quagmires and the lies designed to obscure the fallout from full public view.


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