Murphy Doubles-Down On Comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler

Presumptive Democrat nominee for governor Phil Murphy is doubling down on his November 2016 comments comparing Donald Trump’s political ascension to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, Save Jerseyans, remarks which were first reported by Save Jersey.

Here’s what he said this weekend on Steve Adubato’s State of Affairs on NJTV:

STEVE ADUBATO: “You actually said, and I could get this wrong, you made some reference –“

PHIL MURPHY: “You bet.”

STEVE ADUBATO: “You said you understand a little bit, you said you’re not an expert on Germany but you know more than the rest of us, you know a heck of a lot more than me, you said I know a little bit about the history of Germany and as I listen tio this president I hear things, I hear rhetoric, and I have a sense that reminds me of a time in Germany where some scary things happen in the 1930’s if I’m not mistaken?”

PHIL MUPRHY: “20’s and 30’s. I won’t back off of that, I’m not trying to set peoples’ hair on fire – “

STEVE ADUBATO: “Well it did!”

PHIL MUPRHY: “Well, we have to be on the edge of our seat, the comparison, at least in the early stages, and I’ve also said please God I’m not suggesting it ends in Germany. But one thing you realize, when you start discriminating against people, based on whatever you want to fill in the blank, in this case religious, based on how they worship – a Muslim ban in this case, when that train gets going down the tracks, the one lesson I know from Germany is it can get out ahead of you and you can never catch that train.”