ANOTHER PETITION PUSHING MATCH: Gubernatorial Hopeful Singh Accuses Passaic Clerk of Petition ‘Mischief’

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, Save Jerseyans.

This morning? In LD40?

THE LD40 FIELD: DiGaetano (L), Corrado (C) and Buttimore (R)

Atlantic City’s Hirsh Singh made the long trip up to Paterson for a court house steps press conference. According to a press release obtained by Save Jersey, the long-shot Republican gubernatorial candidate will criticize Passaic County’s Republican clerk, Kristin Corrado, concerning the way in which she’s handled petition filings this spring.

“Criticize” might be too tame of a word. Singh apparently plans to voice his concerns in the form of a lawsuit of some kind. We’ll get you more details when we have them. The presser is scheduled for 12:30 p.m.

While the fact set may prove unique, it’s still only the latest in a long string of ugly, hyper-personal petition-related clashes this primary season on the Republican side of the aisle as New Jersey Republicans slug each other senseless on the road to a post-Christie reality.

The next layer for this particular conflict: in Passaic County, Singh was supposed to be bracketed with Bergen GOP Chairman and former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano who just so happens to be Corrado’s opponent for the LD40 State Senate nomination. DiGaetano is “on the line” with gubernatorial front runner Kim Guadagno in his home base of Bergen.

Supposed. I’m told today’s legal challenge revolves around whether Singh was correctly denied the right to bracket with DiGaetano’s ‘Republicans for Honest Goverment’ team.