SILLY SEASON? GOP Candidate Compares Lieutenant Governor to Kim Jong-un

N.J. GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Joseph “Joe” Rudy Rullo has been a colorful addition to this year’s 5-way primary contest, Save Jerseyans, accusing party leaders of rigging conventions and posting memes and videos infused with irreverent humor.

His latest salvo?

To quote one of his Instagram followers below… a “straight savage” comparison between Kim Guadagno and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un:

We’re happy to report that Rullo’s photoshop did stop short of calling the LG a “crazy fat kid.

In any event, the debate over debates will continue to come up over the next two months. The campaign of Guadagno’s leading opponent, Asm. Jack Ciattarelli, has repeatedly accused Guadagno of ducking debates. She’s legally obligated to participate in at least two after accepting state matching funds.