Piscopo Punts Independent Run for Governor, Endorses Guadagno

Jersey Joe isn’t running after all, Save Jerseyans, ending a months-long flirtation with a Republican independent run for governor:

Piscopo’s decision means there won’t be a strong challenge from her right this fall. That’s good news.

Her prime primary opponent had a different take.

“Let me get this straight: Lt. Governor Guadagno, who says Republicans can’t win the state legislature this November, just accepted the endorsement of a lifelong Democrat who says Republicans can’t win the Governor’s race in November.  Guadagno and Piscopo, perfect together,” Jack Ciattarelli opined. “This announcement makes obvious just how much we need to go in a new direction.  It also makes something else very obvious.  As I connect more and more with rank-and-file Republican primary voters, the Lt. Governor continues to frantically search anywhere and everywhere for endorsements.”