Fulop plays judge (and jury) after release of controversial Jersey City police video

Should the Mayor of Jersey City, or any city, demand the heads of police officers while an investigation is still ongoing? Is that appropriate? Is it helpful?

Steven Fulop (D) clearly believes it’s politically expedient; here’s what the almost gubernatorial candidate tweeted after video surfaced of an alleged bystander being “beaten” by police officers subsequent to a police chase, shooting and fiery crash in Jersey City on Sunday night:

Police aren’t infallible. No one is.

Would it be too much to ask for Fulop, or any other liberal with a title, to say “[w]e will be conducting a full investigation” and leave it at that? It’s a matter of public record that the Obama Administration prematurely fanned the flames of racial hatred in more than one police shooting all in order to score points, long before the evidence was even in or a jury had finished passing judgment on the facts.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Prosecutors are doing their jobs. Armchair detectives are basing their opinions on the basis of one short, poorly-lit video subsequent to a horrifying crash. Let the professionals do their thing, and we should all help the system by allowing the system to work! Because it almost invariably does, and well, notwithstanding the Left’s self-serving narrative of a nation corroded by injustice.

And that’s the takeaway from these sad cases regardless of what we ultimately learn about the police’s actions, folks.

If ambitious, far-left politicians were SINCERELY interested in serving the cause of justice?

They’d avoid jumping to conclusions before accusing the police who protect our communities of employing unlawful force.

When they do jump to conclusions?

You should question what they’re really after.