Month: June 2017

Despite tough LD40 loss, DiGaetano nets 350+ for BCRO fish dinner fundraiser

Understandably, intra-party opponents sought to cast Paul DiGaetano‘s ill-fated LD40 Senate primary campaign as a referendum of sorts on his chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Party. November looms large without a doubt but, at least for now, there aren’t Read More

Forbes continues hammering Christie over Horizon shakedown

Steve Forbes, the famed Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media and a former Republican Presidential candidate, intends to make Chris Christie own his reckless plan to raid Horizon’s insurance reserves. He made the case in recent days on regional conservative radio outlets, Read More

3 more Lakewood houses raided in multi-million dollar welfare fraud scheme

LAKEWOOD — Authorities raided three houses in Lakewood Tuesday night in a continued effort to crack down on residents who defraud government-assistance programs, according to The arrests come on the heels of a massive bust on Monday morning that Read More

VIDEO: Chris Christie psyched over SCOTUS tackling sports betting

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the 1992 law banning sports betting everywhere (including New Jersey) except for Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. Governor Chris Christie said he’s “thrilled” with Tuesday’s decision. “I’m feeling pretty good,” Christie said. “If Read More

Remember: Phil Murphy Wants to Repeat Seattle’s Failed Min Wage Experiment in N.J.

Our Democrat friends fancy themselves members of “the science party,” Save Jerseyans.  The GOP should start countering that it’s THE math party.  More dramatic examples of liberal economic engineering in action (see Illinois and Venezuela) aren’t getting the coverage they deserve Read More