SOURCES: Leonard’s the inside favorite to replace LD38’s Seymour

Government shutdowns can’t slow Election 2017, Save Jerseyans.

What’s more, the news that Matt Seymour was leaving the LD38 race maybe have brought cheers from some Democrats, but many Seymour-leery Republicans were actually celebrating the news.

Seymour had raised almost no money and was virtually invisible on the campaign trail.

Leonard (right)

As per Title 19, the District 38 County Committee will convene shortly to pick a replacement who will have plenty of time to campaign before November. While the vote hasn’t happened yet and, consequently, nothing is set in stone, Bergen GOP sources confirm that most towns in the district have already coalesced around a candidate.

Save Jersey sources tell us that District 38 Republicans are expected to choose Glen Rock Councilman Bill Leonard to replace Seymour on the ballot as one of two Republican Assembly challengers. Leonard, who turns 25 at the end of this month, was elected last year despite both Trump and Scott Garrett losing the town.

Glen Rock is one of the most pivotal towns in the district, a former Republican stronghold having gone narrowly for the Democrats when the district was decided by less than 50 votes in 2013.

Leonard has not yet announced his candidacy but we are told that, once he enters, it will be “near unanimous” and that a convention may simply be by acclamation. Stay tuned as this unfolds throughout the weekend and beyond.

Christopher Wolf (R) is running with State Senate hopeful Kelly Langschultz. Their Democrat opponents are State Senator Bob Gordon, Assemblyman Tim Eustace and Assemblyman Joe Lagana.