Guadagno praises Oliver but insists she can’t “distract” from Murphy’s tax hike agenda

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. – The Lieutenant Governor didn’t have a single cross word this morning for her possible Democrat successor Sheila Oliver, Save Jerseyans, but in Kim Guadagno’s opinion, the Democrat pick doesn’t change much in terms of the choices voters will have to make this November:

“Nominating Sheila Oliver won’t hide the fact that Phil Murphy is an out-of-touch millionaire from Goldman Sachs who made millions in the lead up to the financial crisis that caused tens of thousands of New Jerseyans to lose their homes,” said Ricky Diaz, the Guadagno campaign spokesman. “And by selecting Sheila Oliver, it’s clear Phil Murphy has no plans to pull back on his plans to increase spending by $75 billion if elected and raise business, income, sales, property and death taxes to pay for it.”

Murphy’s spending plans are projected to at least triple New Jersey’s current state budget at a time when paying for core responsibilities like pensions and roads remains difficult.

Guadagno is in West New York this morning. She’s expected to name Cuban American Mayor Carlos Rendo of Bergen County as her own running mate.