LD38 TRAINWRECK: Democrat Senator Bob Gordon shockingly declares NJ Transit ‘working pretty well’

NJ Transit is pretty deservedly controversial these days.

The existence of NJ Transit’s problems aren’t exactly controversial, Save Jerseyans. Unless, perhaps, you’re state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38) who is running for reelection this year while simultaneously serving as chairman of the N.J. Senate committee responsible for overseeing public transportation issues.

All footage below — compiled by the campaign of Gordon’s Republican opponent Kelly Langschultz — came from comments offered to NJTV on July 10th at Hoboken Train Terminal. And it’s pretty damming:

“The… the… system seems to be working pretty well,” Gordon stammers at the beginning of the 30-second web video.

Gordon also denied the existence of congestion.

Langschultz has repeatedly gone after Gordon’s lax approach to NJ Transit’s systemic hiccups and disasters since entering the race earlier this year. Gordon’s shockingly out-of-touch comments to NJTV seem to confirm that he still doesn’t quite accept the existence of a problem.

The campaign video’s release comes one day after a gaggle of NJ Transit engineers simply stayed home, taking advantage of a contract provision allowing them to skip work if they don’t approve of a schedule change and snarling traffic as a result.

That’s some system, Mr. Senator! If you think it’s evidence of NJ Transit working well… we’re all left to wonder what exactly your definition of “working well” is.