Cory Booker makes more time for Menendez’s Newark trial than he ever did for Newark

You have to admire the loyalty which Cory Booker (D-Twitter) has shown to his ally Bob Menendez, Save Jerseyans.

I guess?

Even one MSNBC host was forced to admit that the case against the indicted Democrat Senator is “overwhelming” as his trial got underway in Newark this week, but Booker sat in the front row on day one to visibly demonstrate his support.

“He’s innocent until proven guilty. So he is an innocent man,” Booker told HuffPo the following day. “If he’s proven guilty, I think there’s going to be some serious appeals because I think there are some fundamental constitutional questions that I’ve never seen in a case like this.”

First off, we’ve got a politician who INVENTED an imaginary friend to augment his urban street cred vouching for another politician accused of bribery. Very convincing!

Secondly, what other cases has Cory Booker seen? He’s not a lawyer or a constitutional scholar. He’s an empty suit who spends his days tweeting Winnie the Pooh quotes.

THAT is kind of the real point about Booker’s decision to stand in Menendez’s corner isn’t it?

Cory Booker was MIA for Newark while mayor. When Politico and The Daily Beast feel compelled to question a Democrat official’s track record? That’s saying something. Corruption and crime spiraled out of control while he hobnobbed with Oprah and sought higher office. A  major scandal at the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation percolated when the state comptroller found that Mayor Booker failed to provide adequate oversight (i.e. show up). Booker didn’t even take care of his own property!

He abandoned the people he pledged to serve:

But when his buddy Menendez is on trial for corruption in Newark? Cory’s in the front row? He remembers WHERE the city is?

Newark’s families and businesses might be in better shape today had their former mayor cared HALF as much about their futures as he does one crooked Hudson County politician.

Senator Menendez better start looking for a superior character witness….