Lance: N.J. constituents “cannot afford” Bernie’s single-payer plan

Bernie Sanders (D-VT) claims the support of 17 Democrats for his single-payer health care bill, Save Jerseyans, but it seems more likely to be on the Democrat platform in 2020 than on President Trump’s desk anytime soon.

Republicans are pushing back all the same.

“Senator Sanders’ single-payer health care plan is one that my constituents cannot afford. Most Americans would lose their health insurance plans if single-payer became law and dramatic tax increases would be unavoidable. Those tax increases would fall across the board to meet the tremendous cost of the program,” Leonard Lance of New Jersey declared on Wednesday evening.”

“There are millions of Americans who lack access to affordable insurance and millions more who have been hit with soaring health care costs. That’s why I’ve rallied behind centrist health care proposals – like the Problem Solver Caucus plan – to drive down health care costs for all Americans. These proposals have momentum in Congress and deserve support.

“I call on the Congressional Budget Office to score the Sanders Plan as soon as possible so we can have serious, nonpartisan figures to debate.”

Republicans love the issue as much as they hate the policy; the RNC and Kim Guadagno’s campaign are both running hard against single-payer this fall.