Guadagno accuses Murphy of hypocritically profiting from gun sales

Kim Guadagno supports the Second Amendment.

Her Democrat opponent, Phil Murphy, does not.

With the debate over gun control continuing to percolate after the Vegas shooting, the N.J. Republican gubernatorial nominee swatted at Murphy on Thursday and demanded that the former Goldman Sachs big shot “to disclose all profits he made off gun companies while working at Goldman Sachs or since his retirement.”

“With each passing day, Phil Murphy’s hypocrisy reaches new heights,” said Guadagno. “The fact is that Phil Murphy personally profited off the very gun companies he now claims to oppose while working at Goldman Sachs. Perhaps that’s why Phil Murphy refuses to release his tax returns. He owes it to the people of New Jersey to come clean by disclosing his tax returns and how much money he made off gun companies.”

Back in 1998, the famed gun manufacturer Remington retained Goldman Sachs for advisement. Goldman Sachs also continues to own shares in Vista Outdoor, Sturm Ruger & Company and Smith & Wesson.

“In Phil Murphy’s New Jersey, illegal immigrants who commit crimes with guns would be protected by making New Jersey a sanctuary state, but women couldn’t protect themselves from domestic abuse or rape,” added Guadagno, referring to some of Murphy’s more egregious statements including his confession that he’s biased towards illegals over crime victims. “As a former sheriff and prosecutor, I will always put public safety first.”

Murphy, for his part, attacked Guadagno directly on Thursday, complaining that she “has made it clear that she will camp out behind her ‘A’ rating and endorsement by the NRA. She’s not even willing to listen. That’s not leadership, that’s called being in the back pocket of the gun lobby. The ‘F’ I got from the NRA is the proudest ‘F’ of my life.”