Guadagno excoriates Murphy, invokes illegal alien criminal in blistering post-debate TV spot

Guadagno excoriates Murphy, invokes illegal alien criminal in blistering post-debate TV spot

Updated 4:24 p.m.


In what is undoubtedly the hardest hitting television advertisement yet to drop this campaign season, the campaign of Kim Guadagno dropped a 30-second spot on Wednesday afternoon highlight Democrat opponent Phil Murphy’s stated intention to side with illegal alien criminals over law-abiding New Jersey citizens.

The jarring ad – titled “Sanctuary” – relays Murphy’s comments at a Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics forum; when asked whether New Jersey authorities should notify federal law enforcement when illegal aliens commit serious crimes Murphy offered a verbal shrug, stating, “I’m not sure what the right point of notification is this is,” but then said, “My bias is going to be having their back.

“Murphy doesn’t have our backs. He has theirs. Phil Murphy: Too dangerous for New Jersey,” the TV spot’s narrator declares.

Illegal immigrant Jose Carranza of Peru is mentioned prominently in the Guadagno TV spot; Carranza, previously arrested on charges of aggravated assault and rape, was convicted of felony murder and robbery related to the infamous execution-style killing of three young college students execution style in Newark back in 2007. The story made national news.

Carranza was acquitted of murder, sexual assault and other lesser offenses (conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges). An effort to throw away his felony murder conviction was rejected by the courts.

He ultimately received a 155 year prison sentence for his role in the shootings.

Notwithstanding Guadagno confronting him over the Carranza case’s implications for his espoused policies, Murphy doubled down on his pledge to turn New Jersey into a Sanctuary State during Tuesday’s first of two 2017 gubernatorial debates. The Democrat front runner previously promised to found the country’s first state-based (and taxpayer funded) ‘office of immigrant protection.’

“By making New Jersey a sanctuary state, Phil Murphy is saying he would rather protect dangerous criminals and murderers like Jose Carranza than stand up for the law abiding people of New Jersey,” said Guadagno in a statement accompanying her ad’s release. “As a former prosecutor and sheriff, I can tell you that Phil Murphy is seriously misguided and would make New Jerseyans less safe as governor with policies like this. Tying the hands of law enforcement will seriously jeopardize public safety and only protect violent criminals. While Phil Murphy has their backs, I’ll have yours.”

The ad is live here on YouTube.