PERVERT PARTY: Following Weinstein flap, Murphy’s flying in Slick Willie for a campaign rally

What is it with Phil Murphy and high profile perverts?

The 2017 New Jersey Democrat gubernatorial nominee quietly axed a fundraiser with accused rapist Harvey Weinstein several short weeks ago after a private meeting with the disgrace producer, but Murphy apparently hasn’t learned his lesson….

None other than former President Bill Clinton a/k/a “Slick Willie” is joining Murphy this Tuesday for a “get out the vote rally” at the IBEW Local 164 union hall in Paramus (Bergen County)!

I think Mark Hemingway said it all in his recent Weekly Standard op-ed:

I’d really like to believe the media is now finally taking sexual assault by the rich and powerful seriously. But the relative silence about an enormously influential public figure at this particular moment, while they are otherwise shrieking about Cosby, Weinstein, Ailes, O’Reilly, and Trump, speaks volumes. So long as they have their presidential knee pads on and their mouthpieces are otherwise engaged trying to make the Bill Clinton feel better about himself, it’s pretty hard to hear what the media is saying about sexual assault.”


And 100% accurate, Save Jerseyans.

Phil Murphy and his party pick and choose which perverts and sexual abusers are excusable based upon how much money they can raise for Democrat candidates and causes. Period, end of sentence.

Hollywood knew about Weinstein for years.

Same goes for Clinton confidant Anthony Weiner. 

Americans have known about Bill Clinton for close to three decades.

At what point will Phil Murphy put his money where his mouth is and condemn serial creeps like Bill Clinton? Taking a hard look at his own house and casting out the elements who undermine his party’s credibility?

Instead of spending millions of dollars bashing a female Republican nominee for governor (Kim Guadagno)?

I suspect not until at least the Media grows a pair and presses the issue. In other words… likely never.