There are cheaper ways to commit financial suicide than voting for Phil Murphy

FYI, for my fellow N.J. property taxpayers regardless of party affiliation:

There are much cheaper ways to commit financial suicide this fall than voting for Phil Murphy for governor on Tuesday.

Purchase a leaky boat?

Buy a timeshare in Newark?

Insure the Weinstein Company?

Comp Chris Christie’s office at the Wegmans Mediterranean Bar?

All of those ideas are objectively stupid.

Giving your vote to Murphy and his $75 billion spending giveaway – which includes a Sanctuary State for highly dangerous criminals – is downright crazy.

And if you vote like a crazy idiot, then ALL of us will soon need to replace yard signs with for sale signs and relocate to cheaper states with shitty pizza. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life eating ketchup and American cheese on a cracker.

Do you?

So don’t be crazy. #VoteNo on Phil Murphy this Tuesday, November 7th. For your bottom lines. For the safety of our families and police. For the ability to afford to stay in your homes. For decent, edible, glorious New Jersey pizza. Amen.