CIRUCCI: Do You Really Want To Live In THIS World?

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

America has seen nothing like it since the McCarthy era.

Then, the purge came from the right. Today, it’s coming from the left.

Yes, the Democrat Party, which once prided itself on fighting injustice in the form of lynch mobs and and all variety of mob rule, is now embracing precisely those tactics as it seeks to clean its own messy house and “purify” the country.

None of us who have witnessed the emergence of political correctness (the new bible of the progressive movement) should be surprised. But we should be nonetheless alarmed. 

Why? Because a world where a mere accusation can rob you of your livelihood, your good name and everything that you’ve worked and struggled for is not a world that anyone should want to inhabit — at least not in a democratic republic such as ours.

You know, it’s not called the equal protection of the law for nothing. The law is supposed to be our safeguard against injustice, not to mention an outright reign of terror.

But those who would be judge, jury and executioner are now on the march. And the Democrat Party has embraced them — not out of a sense of justice or even a semblance of credible ideology — but for purely political purposes.

This ongoing ostracisizing is all about identity politics. And that’s the new mantra of the Democrat Party.

The party that counts Thomas Jefferson as its founder has now pretty much tossed aside much of what the nation’s founders stood for so that it can answer the call of those who proudly parade in genital-inspired chapeaus. Call it the pink thuggery of partisan feminism.  

The leaders of the Democrat Party feel it must banish all its naughty, naughty male members so that the party can take on the naughtiest man of all — the guy who the party’s most recent standard bearer termed a “creep”. Their hope is to pin the sexual predator tag soundly and solely on the GOP and its leader.

Forget that Democrats spent years not merely defending but actually adoring and celebrating an accused sexual predator who wound up being impeached and disbarred for lying under oath. Forget that. In the eyes of the liberal cognoscenti that doesn’t matter anymore.

No, what matters now is how many heads they can get rolling and how they can turn all that into votes next year and in 2020. Because now they mean to turn sexual harassment into America’s new universal litmus test and they will stop at nothing in their quest for “purification”.

But the Democrats ought to be careful what they wish for.

Because history is replete with the folly of such zealous quests. Indeed, the Salem witch trials did not save the world from witchcraft or superstition. And socialism did not save the world from avarice. And prohibition did not save the world from inebriation or alcoholism. And McCarthyism did not save the world from Communism. 

They were all misguided. They all went too far. They were all fueled by extremism and irrationality. And they all proved to be vastly destructive.

Which is precisely what happens when madness is confused with mission.