Carroll on NJ-11: Webber’s “[u]nlike some other candidates, who are apparently running to represent San Francisco”

By The Staff

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) waded into the NJ-11 congressional primary on Saturday with a full-throated endorsement  of his colleague, Jay Webber (R-26), and a not-so-subtle jab at Webber’s competition.

“No one in New Jersey is more faithful to the legacy of Ronald Reagan than Jay Webber,” said Carroll in a statement released by the Webber campaign.  “Jay’s record in Trenton reflects his deep commitment to small, efficient government, low taxes, and individual freedom.  In Congress, he will fight for New Jersey residents, against the leftist policies that send billions of New Jersey taxpayer dollars to Washington in return for pennies.  Jay will keep America strong and insist that the law be enforced, not ignored.  Unlike some other candidates, who are apparently running to represent San Francisco, Jay understands New Jersey values.  His service in Trenton has been exemplary; his service in Washington will make New Jersey residents proud.”

The presumptive Democrat nominee is Mikie Sherrill, a far-left Democrat and Navy veteran.

But first Assemblyman Webber will need to GOP defeat a field that, thus far, includes Antony Ghee, a JAG officer who works in the financial sector and who reportedly registered as a Republican last week shortly before joining the Republican primary; Ghee, a formerly unaffiliated voter, represents the major intra-party competition for Webber at the moment.

NJ-11 is considered a top national target for both the NRCC and the DCCC this cycle particularly after the retirement announcement of long-time representative Rodney Frelinghuysen in January.