VIDEO: Ghee declines to disclose his presidential voting history to Passaic GOP screeners

By The Staff

Concerning? Or inconsequential?

Either way, it undeniably wasn’t the smooth debut his backers hoped for in this year’s NJ-11 primary.

At Saturday’s Passaic County GOP screening, Antony Ghee — the lawyer and JAG officer who both registered as a Republican and entered the Republican primary to succeed Rodney Frelinghuysen just last week — fielded a straightforward question before the panel and proceeded to duck it.

“In the last three general elections, who did you vote for, and did you regret any of those votes, and would you change them today?” asked the executive committee member.

“As a soldier, we learned a long time ago that he want all presidents to succeed,” answered Ghee. “It doesn’t matter who your president is, we want every president to succeed, whether it’s President Trump, whether it’s President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton. I want them to succeed, period.”

“I’ve never voted straight party line,” Ghee added, declining to provide a direct response.

Opponent Jay Webber, the Republican Assemblyman who already represents a portion of the county, reported voting for John McCain, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

The misstep likely won’t prove politically fatal for the novice Ghee in the Passaic organization’s party contest. Passaic endorsed Webber in last year’s 4-way LD26 primary but Ghee already has the backing of key Passaic County GOP figures capable of influencing voters including  Totowa power broker Peter Murphy, State Senator Kristin Corrado, Acting Passaic County Clerk Walter Davidson Jr, Totowa Mayor John Coiro, and Wayne Mayor Chris Vergano.


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