This Democrat Congresswoman’s sons held up a Kids-R-Us. Now she’s accusing Trump of enabling violence?

This Democrat Congresswoman’s sons held up a Kids-R-Us. Now she’s accusing Trump of enabling violence?

By Matt Rooney


U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D, NJ-12) is a backbencher in Congress but very familiar to regular Save Jersey readers, mostly due to her very far-left positions and penchant for extreme hypocrisy

I’ll explain the hypocrisy part in a second. Let’s first take a quick look at one of her over-the-top post-Parkland shooting tweets from Thursday:

As I’ve said, this type of nonsensical hyperbole is nothing new for the former N.J. Assemblywoman; she got caught tweeting racially-charged anti-Trump attacks during the State of the Union. After Parkland, she declared that Republicans need to “pray for forgiveness” for the sin of pushing back against gun control legislation.

Gross? You bet. But buckle up: her attacks on President Trump over the last 48 hours — particularly as they pertain to violence and children — are even more galling than usual considering Bonnie’s own track record. 

h/t The Trentonian:

In March 2000, William Carter-Watson and his stepbrother Jared Coleman robbed a Kid-R-Us in Lawrence Township with automatic weapons, stealing $1,800 and terrifying employees by forcing them to lie face down on the floor, according to an archived Trentonian story.

The congresswoman’s sons pleaded guilty to the charges, serving five and a half years in prison.

Bonnie reacted as any parent would: by helping one of them land a taxpayer-funded position after his release

Yup. It’s all a matter of public record!

Look: Donald Trump is a lot of things but, love or hate him, he’s never been credibly accused of being anything other than an attentive, loving, engaged and successful father. 

Bonnie’s track record is less… compelling. It is what it is.

So why is that relevant? Besides the fact that SHE brought up the topic of community violence? It should be obvious: partisan hacks like Watson Coleman refuse to engage in a serious discussion concerning the root causes of violence in our communities as we’ve tried to do. They get very personal, and call people names, and make it impossible to get anywhere close to a real solution when action is needed. 

That’s why it’s long past time for serious people to start calling out Bonnie and her ilk for their hypocrisy. Loudly and proudly, Save Jerseyans. Yes, lives ARE on the line. Children’s lives! Wouldn’t it be nice if Democrats like Bonnie Watson Coleman started acting like this school shooting debate was something more than another partisan points-scoring opportunity?

My expectations for personal growth, of course, are measured when it comes to these career politicians. For now, I’d settle for a little humility from Watson Coleman. She of all people has absolutely NO business accusing anyone else of taking a soft or inadequately tough stance against gun violence.