N.J. Democrats kill anti-voter fraud measure

By The Staff

State Senator Sam Thompson (R-12) wanted to increase penalties for voter fraud in New Jersey.

On Monday, the Middlesex County-based legislator proposed amendment to S-647 (a bill which allows registered voters to automatically receive mail-in ballots for all elections) would have made voter fraud a second-degree crime.

Senate Democrats promptly killed the amendment.

The original measure passed 23-14

“We know that most voter fraud is now related to mail-in ballots,” said Thompson after his amendment’s defeat. “If we’re going to increase the number of mail-in ballots as Democrats have proposed, we need stronger penalties to deter people from using these ballots as a vehicle to rig elections. I’m disappointed Senate Democrats blocked my proposed amendment to offer those protections.”

Shenanigans with mail-in ballots is well-documented in New Jersey. Just last fall, Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz (R) reported receiving a “tampered with” mail-in ballot.