Here you go. We just saved New Jersey taxpayers $85k.

By Matt Rooney

Aren’t official oil paint portraits a little antiquated, Save Jerseyans?

Chris Christie doesn’t think so. Our former governor made a little bit of news this week when it came to light that his official gubernatorial portrait will consume $85,000 of taxpayer funds. Former Governors Jon Corzine, Richard Codey and Jim McGreevey, for all of their profligate spending during their respective tenures in office, spent “only” a combined $74,500.

The second highest? Jim Florio whose ostentatious likeness set us all back $58,000.

Again… why? Not just because New Jersey doesn’t have the money to spare right now, but in a digital age, aren’t over-priced oils a luxury that no longer makes much sense?

No worries. Hold my beer, Save Jerseyans.

For the price of our Photoshop subscription, Save Jersey has stepped up and immortalized Governor Christie, exactly as we’ll all remember him, for the cost of next-to nothing.

I call it “Ambition Arrested.”