Op-Ed: Let the Free Market Work

Op-Ed: Let the Free Market Work

By Jay Webber

It won’t surprise any of you to hear that the big-government New Jersey Democrats are back at it again, trying to impose even more rules and regulations that make life in our State more expensive.

Washington, DC doesn’t get things right all the time, but recently Republicans there repealed a piece of Obamacare that removed the requirement that each person purchase health insurance or face a fine. Undeterred by that loss on the national scene, New Jersey Democrats are now trying to back-door that idea back into law.

Just a few days ago I stood up on the floor of the Assembly and pushed back on their “Baby Obamacare” proposal, which amounts to a tax on New Jerseyans simply for breathing.  Making matters even worse, in this age where we can buy things from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to our doorsteps, the Democratic leaders of the Assembly refuse to allow us to purchase health insurance from anywhere except in New Jersey.  That dramatically reduces our choices and drives up costs. 

Our economy and society work best when people have the freedom to decide if they want to buy a product, and if so, to shop for the best value they can find. There are ways to make health insurance more affordable, such as limiting jackpot jury awards in medical malpractice cases and aggressively treating and preventing chronic illnesses like diabetes and asthma.  Forcing people to buy insurance they don’t want and can’t afford is not the answer.

Whether it’s in Trenton or Washington, you can count on me to stand up for the free market and your access to affordable health insurance that fits your needs and your budget.

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