Ghee defends primary rival, demands apology after Democrat politicizes Webber’s daughters

TOTOWA, N.J. — In a welcome show of Republican unity, 11th Congressional District GOP candidate Antony Ghee defended his opponent primary Jay Webber and his four minor daughters on Wednesday afternoon.

Ghee was reacting to the vile comments of State Senator Nellie Pou, a surrogate of presumptive Democrat nominee Mikie Sherrill, who said Webber’s “voting record and rhetoric” has had a truly “cruel” effect on “not just his four daughters but every woman throughout the state of New Jersey.”

“Has our political discourse gotten so bad, that we need to drag the children of candidates into political statements about the critical issues impacting our community?” said Ghee in a statement:
“It’s 2018 and we should all be able to agree on three simple concepts:  political corruption is bad and should be repudiated by everyone, regardless of party; everyone deserves equal pay for equal work and government has a responsibility to ensure that; and the family of a candidate for public office is off limits, especially their children.  This campaign should not be about scoring cheap political points, rather it should be about putting the people we are seeking to serve above partisan politics.  We need leaders who are dedicated to serving a cause greater than themselves or their party, because the issues at stake in this election are too great to be mired in soundbites and cheap petty politics. Senator Pou owes an immediate and unequivocal apology to the Webber’s for dragging their children into this campaign.”
Ghee and Webber are two of five Republican candidates vying to succeed the retiring Rodney Frelinghuysen in NJ-11.