Oops: Murphy owned stock in N.J. GOP Senate candidate’s much-maligned cancer drug company

TRENTON, N.J. — Despite abusing his power to protect one of America’s most notorious Medicare scam artists, Bob Menendez is working overtime to make an issue out his presumptive Republican opponent Bob Hugin’s tenure at cancer drug titan company Celgene.

Democrats says Celgene gouged cancer drug patients by raising prices.

New Jersey Democrat may need to pump the brakes, however, in light of a Wednesday report from Politico concerning Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s investments.

“Among the hundreds of companies Murphy invested in was Celgene, in which he held stock from June 2016 until July 2017. At the time, Murphy was running for governor and Celgene’s executive chairman was Bob Hugin, who is now the likely Republican nominee for Senate to challenge Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez,” according to Politico‘s Ryan Hutchins.

Other awkward investments for a committed leftist include Halliburton, Philip Morris and Reynolds America.

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