A quick word on this border kids controversy

By Matt Rooney

Some regular readers know that I’m currently vacationing and therefore doing my best to ignore domestic politics (or at least ingest far less of it than I do on an ordinary, daily basis), but this ‘border kids’ controversy is begging for commentary. 

Not because there isn’t enough information and spin out there. There is… right and left.

What’s missing is a little much-needed perspective.

To begin with: If I’m a *citizen* child in Camden N.J. tonight, one who has to duck drug corners and side step used needles to NOT get an education at a public school where taxpayers spend $30k+ per kid, per year, without results, and I happen to see this border flap on TV? I’m thinking “man, what do I have to do to get liberal yuppies and suburbanites with more bandwidth than sense to care about me?”

Wish I knew the answer, kiddo. I truly do.

The unborn might express similar sentiments if they were ever given the chance, but there’s too much money in it for Planned Parenthood to make sure they don’t ever get that chance.

Here’s the sick truth, one which everyone is dancing around:

We could solve all of this right now, TONIGHT, if major corporations and radical leftist politicians could see these kids (and their parents) as something other than cheap labor today and cheap votes tomorrow.

But they can’t, so it stays broken… and the aforementioned bad actors are fine with the status quo because it suits their ends.

We all know this. No one is saying it.

You’re watching a tragedy born of greed. There’s waaaay too much money and power on the line for the fate of these families — or the victims of criminal aliens — to matter.

So before you make an ass out of yourself sharing Obama Administrative era photographs/video? And misquoting immigration law? Or making wacky 1940s comparisons?

Try to appreciate the bigger problem AND the many nuances to a complex, shitty, years-in-the-making crisis of a situation lest you persist in being a part of that problem.

In the interim, I’ll take my lectures on morality from someone other than the disciples of the party of Jim Crow, Planned Parenthood and Japanese internment, thank you very much.