Webber joins sheriffs to condemn Sherrill’s association with anti-ICE radicals

Sherrill (L) and Webber (R)

WHIPPANY, N.J. – Almost 200 Democrats refused to take a stand against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the U.S. of House of Representatives this week.

This November’s upcoming midterm elections could decide the agency’s fate moving forward.

On Monday, NJ-11 GOP candidate Jay Webber joined Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon and Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada, both Republican, in demanding that Democrat nominee Mikie Sherrill come to ICE’s defense.

“I stand with the women and men who serve and sacrifice as ICE agents and employees,” said Webber. “It is important that our elected representatives support the law enforcement community, especially as we all work together to try and solve the opioid crisis. It is unconscionable that Mikie Sherrill actually organized a rally that called for the abolition of ICE, and refuses to back down from that indefensible position.”

“Every branch of law enforcement is intertwined and reinforces one another’s responsibilities. In addition to identifying, investigating and prosecuting dangerous illegal immigrants, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) also plays an especially critical role in keeping drugs off of our streets, seizing hundreds of thousands of pounds of illegal narcotics every year,” added Gannon. “We need a Congressional representative who will protect the mission of ICE as we continue to battle the opioid crisis. Jay Webber has proven time and again that law enforcement can count on him, which is why I give him my full support.”

Sherrill is being accused of playing games with the ICE issue.
Webber and his surrogates zeroed in on a Sherrill-attended and, Webber says, campaign assisted “street protest” in Morristown. The rally’s speakers included at least one young lady who demanded amnesty and described breaking into the country illegally (click here for the video).

“Mikie Sherrill is adding fuel to a very dangerous fire by sharing the stage with her radical supporters as they call for the abolishment of ICE,” continued Sheriff Strada. “Every Sheriff’s office and local police department would be in a tough spot if we did not have Immigration and Customs Enforcement supporting us, and vice versa.  If people want to send someone to Washington who will be tough on crime and have the backs of the law enforcement community, then they need to get out and support Jay Webber.”