REPORT: Syrian refugees leaving N.J. because it’s too expensive, dangerous

Syrian refugee camp on the Turkish border
By Matt Rooney

Ready for something a little depressing to start your week, Save Jerseyans?

Apparently, New Jersey is a little too expensive (and dangerous) for even refugees fleeing war-torn Syria:

“Some of the Syrian families who fled their war-torn hometowns and lived as refugees in Jordan and Turkey before making their way to the United States are now on the move again. This time, they are leaving Paterson.

At least seven families, citing the high cost of living, the low quality of housing and concerns about their safety, have left or plan to leave this summer, many of them headed to Michigan.”

Yup; we’re closing in on rock bottom! Maybe. Or maybe not with Phil Murphy in charge and determined to double-down on his policies which, apparently, even the most desperate of asylum seekers find intolerable. 

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