Hugin blasts NJ-11’s Sherrill for defending Menendez: “Vet to vet, I was expecting more from you”

TRENTON, N.J. — Can you really be pro-ethics while simultaneously supporting one of the least ethical politicians in America?

GOP U.S. Senate nominee Bob Hugin waded into the NJ-11 House contest debate on Wednesday evening after that district’s Democrat candidate, Mikie Sherrill, offered a strange defense of the ethically-challenged Bob Menendez

“. you can’t be for ethics and for . Even his Democrat colleagues in the Senate publicly vilified him for violating federal law and abusing the power of his office. Vet to vet, I was expecting more from you,” the candidate, who served in the Marine Corps, tweeted to his followers:

Sherrill, a former Navy pilot, told the debate audience that “[she] agree[s] with the Senate ethics committee; Senator Menendez needs to pay back that loan,” when challenged on her support of Menendez by the Republican candidate Jay Webber.

She nevertheless insisted that she’d stand by Menendez because he’s a ‘fighter for New Jersey.’ 

What exactly she believes Menendez has accomplished for New Jersey — other than embarrass it by accepting $1 million from a man who blinded seniors to scam Medicare — was left unexplored by the debate’s end.

Both Hugin and Webber are trailing their Democrat opponents in the polls, but both have recently polled inside the margin of error.