N.J.’s gas tax will rise another 4.3-cents per gallon today

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey motorists may notice an extra pinch at the pump starting today.

Beginning on October 1, 2018, the Garden State’s gas tax is set to rise by 4.3-cents, to 41.4 cents per gallon, since the original 2016 gas tax hike law provided for annual adjustments to ensure that the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) generates a targeted amount of $2 billion per year from the tax.

New Jersey boasted America’s second-lowest gas tax until 2016 when the Democrat-controlled legislature and then-Governor Chris Christie enacted a 23-cent-per gallon increase, the first such increase since 1988.

The 2016 legislation did not tackle cost-drivers — like the prevailing wage — which make New Jersey’s roads among the most expensive to build and maintain.

Republican Assemblyman and NJ-11 congressional candidate Jay Webber was scheduled to host a press conference on Monday morning in support of legislation to end the aforementioned automatic increases.