NJ-03: Democrat Kim continues to lie about who’s funding his campaign

NJ-03: Democrat Kim continues to lie about who’s funding his campaign

Tom MacArthur

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – As if lying about his resume wasn’t bad enough, Democrat challenger Andy Kim continued to double down this week on a lie of equivalent proportion:

How he’s funding his NJ-03 House campaign.

This week, Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur upbraided Kim for directly benefit from more than $900,000 in so-called ‘coordinated expenditures’ with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee since, while Kim doesn’t like to talk about it, the DCCC accepts corporate PAC contributions.

Kim has repeatedly accepted money from PACs which take corporate cash while simultaneously insisting he was opposed to accepting any, a shell game which reaffirms Kim’s growing reputation as a dishonest broker.

“It is absolutely absurd for Andy Kim to claim that he is not accepting money from corporate PACs, when he is in the midst of spending nearly one million dollars in coordination with the DCCC. I am calling on Andy Kim to admit his ‘no corporate money’ pledge is now officially bogus – just one more lie to add to a growing list about his candidacy,” said MacArthur in a statement. “Andy needs to answer for telling yet another blatant lie to voters in South Jersey and he needs to reject further assistance from the DCCC, which accepts corporate PAC contributions. Andy’s holier-than-thou hypocrisy knows no bounds. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. After all, this is the same guy who endorsed corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez at an anti-corruption rally.

The only reliable public poll, from mid-August, reported a statistical dead heat in the Southern New Jersey district represented by MacArthur since 2015 and which encompasses most of Burlington and Ocean counties.